Commercial Snow Removal & Parking Lot Services

The importance of reliable and timely snow clearing is vital to the operations of any business.

Essentials believes that preparing and planning snow clearing is in the best interest of all those affected by the seasonal extremes. Our routes are well planned, and your commercial snow removal needs are our priority.  Our competitive advantage is that our bobcat snow removal services are done quickly and at a reasonable rate.  No other South Edmonton snow removal service provider can compete with our value. We also operate in Sherwood Park and a few other areas around the city.  Please call us to learn more or to get an estimate.


[one_half first]

Commercial sidewalk walks and business entrance ways

Stairwells and stairs

Full parking lot snow removal bobcat services

Other commercial areas[/one_half]

[one_half]Ice melting and sanding

Snow hauling to off-site snow melting locations

Show push and piling

Full selection of other snow removal[/one_half]


By utilizing our current assets, Essentials would perform the tasks required with the following methods;

  • Essentials makes note of all obstacles and impediments
  • The processes involving worker routes, areas and driving hazards are made with all drivers of equipment
  • All equipments is inspected and a pre-project inspection is done
  • Work commences after safety meeting is held
  • After completion of work another quality inspection is performed by the on duty supervisor
  • A customer satisfaction form is then presented to the client and returned for satisfaction guarantees
  • Essentials uses back dragging only when needed
  • Essentials utilizes equipment for almost all services
  • Shovel work in areas unreachable by equipment


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